The criteria for befriended is

We value each and every person and so anyone who is referred to befriended will be treated as an individual and will be assessed as such. befriended will firstly assess if the person referred meets the criteria for our befriending scheme. Often people who are referred do not need what we offer or are looking for something different.

The criteria for befriended is:

> Over 65 years old
> Limited or no family or friends who visit regularly
> Lonely and spend a lot of time alone
> Able to form a friendship and maintain a conversation

If you would like to refer someone to befriended please download the referral form below or call 0300 772 7703 for an initial chat.


The process of referral can take anything up to 8-10 weeks, depending on the outcome of the assessment and the availability of the right volunteer. One of the key factors of our referral process is our ‘Match made in Heaven’. This is done very carefully and thoughtfully for the benefit of the befriendee and the befriender. Below is a diagram of the process that takes place after referral:

The befriended referral process.
The befriended referral process