Below you’ll find a short overview and explanation of each of the services that Befriended offers for our clients across Mid-Sussex.

Face to Face Befriending

This is where Befriended began in 2017, with a group of incredible volunteers who gave up an hour each week to visit an elderly, lonely person and spend time with them chatting and getting to know them. Some of our volunteers take their Befriendee’s out to the local garden centre or just to the park. We are keen to match our Befriendee’s with Befriender’s who have similar interests or hobbies so that they have something in common and something to talk about right from the get go. 

Telephone Befriending

In 2020 when suddenly we were unable to let our volunteers visit our clients, we switched to Telephone Befriending and had an influx of both volunteers and referrals. These weekly (or sometimes more regularly) phone calls have been a lifeline for the elderly and lonely across Mid-Sussex, when they have gone weeks without seeing or speaking to anyone. 

Befriended Balance

Befriended Balance

Befriended Balance has started back with a bang!!!  We have had to split the class and we now have the option of two classes you can attend.   1.30pm and 3.00pm    The classes are suitable for everyone of any ability so if you want to come and enjoy some exercise with friendly people pop along on Wednesday afternoon.  We look forward to seeing you.  

In the new year we would hope to offer our Befriended Balance classes in Burgess Hill.  If you know of a venue that we could use that is easily accessible and a good location please do contact me on 

Please use the link below to register for Befriended Balance

Befriended Buddies

At the other end of the generations, in 2020, children and young people were thrown into a world of home-schooling and being kept away from their friends. We created a resource to encourage children and young people to engage with the older generations by writing letters, sending pictures or just telling them what they’d been getting up to. We would love to continue sending letters and pictures to our clients as this always puts a smile on their face, feel free to download the pack below and get your kids involved! 


Befriended Tea Party

Sunday 2nd October

Come and join us at the Gateway Baptist Church, everyone is WELCOME! No need to book, just come along!

Befriended Anniversary Tea Party

Sunday 6th November

We are 5 years old!

Come and join us as we celebrate our anniversary with a fantastic afternoon of food entertainment friendship and fun.  We have the amazing ChoirandKo coming to sing for us.  The venue will be full so come early to make sure you get your place.

Acts of Kindness

Even though we haven’t been able to run any events for the last 18 months, we still want people to feel seen and loved at special times in the year.   In partnership with Mid Sussex District Council we hand delivered 180 Easter Baskets filled with treats and goodies, to lonely and isolated individuals across Mid-Sussex. We also delivered Christmas in a Bag,  Afternoon Tea in a Box and will shortly be arranging delivery of some Summer Picnics! 

Bereavement Support

Befriended Bereavement Support

The Bereavement Journey Course –  a 6 week course for anyone experiencing loss or grief from a bereavement 

By means of a series of films and discussion groups the course gently guides bereaved people through the most common aspects of grief, enabling them to process theimplications for themselves and discern next steps.

If you or someone you know would benefit please sign up on link below 




We are all emotional, physical, phycological and spiritual beings.  Often later in life especially when we spend a lot of time on our own we think more about our spiritual beings.  Access to church can often be difficult so Befriended offers a chaplaincy service which brings ‘church’ to you.  This can range from a simple communion, prayers, a service or a bible study. Contact for more information.


Sometimes Befriended isn’t the right place for some people and we are unable to support or cater to the needs of an individual. Or if someone’s needs change over time, rather than just stopping providing a service to them or not taking them on as a client, we are working with other organisations and partners that may support them better. In these cases, we would love to signpost individuals or their families to another organisation that may be more beneficial to them.