Compassionate Conversations

Knowledging the impact of loss on our lives

Loss is accumulative, loss affects our well-being, loss brings grief, loss is bereavement.
Compassionate Conversations is a simple course designed to radically transform the way in which grief support is provided for those facing loss in life.

By using a basic framework centred around conversation it enables individuals to connect with their loss, recognise their grief and through shared experience find ways of coping.

The process is intended to improve people’s overall well-being by addressing loss, whether that be of independence, home, health, mobility, memory, choice, relationships, loved ones or identities, or the associated bereavement and grief.

The conversations encompass the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and psychological aspects of a person’s well-being.

The Issue

Often, due to circumstances out of their control, people may have to adjust their lives due to one or multiple losses.

With a loss, consequences usually require them to make big life decisions. They may be required to navigate through tasks such as moving house, writing a will, selling property, inheritance tax, applying for benefits, drafting a power of attorney, etc. All these tasks are especially challenging if you are grieving or unwell.

The opportunities to process and adjust to the loss itself are further compounded by the inevitable changes in life circumstances. Changes include a deterioration in health, mental capacity, status, identity, and being away from friends, community, Doctor, or a church family.

The Aims

To facilitate conversation-led discussion in various places, including homes, doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, prisons, care homes, retirement villages, residential homes, churches and community centres, specifically designed to address the multifaceted issues of loss experienced by individuals transitioning into another phase of life.

The course aims to deliver on six areas:

1. Holistic approach to wellbeing

2. Loss as a significant life transition

3. Facilitation of meaningful connections

4. Supportive guidance and training

5. Adaptability of individual needs

6. Drive measurable outcomes and continuous improvement

The Course

Recognises the need for a thoughtful and supportive approach to benefit the individual and the communities we live in, family members, care home managers, lifestyle leaders and senior carers. By facilitating meaningful conversations that enable people to transition through loss, change, and bereavement.

The course is divided into three sessions:

· Past and Present

· Grief and Gratitude

· Bereaved and Believe

These stages help to facilitate a transition from loss to acceptance to finding meaning. Helping to free the individuals from the inevitable feelings of anger, sadness and helplessness toward a place of comfort and hope.

The Delivery

The course is delivered in small groups by trained licenced champions and hosts/staff/leaders of residential environments.

It is designed to be held in a supportive, safe, and engaging environment that promotes hospitality, trust, and honesty while acknowledging and addressing specific needs related to memory loss, health limitations, and other disabilities.

The format includes guidance on the setting for the group to ensure that the attendees are in a comfortable, safe environment. It also manages the conversational flow to ensure that all parties can contribute freely and benefit from the session.